Fastmac-U-Socket2-USB-AC-Outlet ACE-8158
U-Socket2 ACE-8158 – Add to Cart: $30.50
Fastmac-U-Socket2-USB-AC-Outlet-decor ACE-8166
U-Socket2 ACE-8166 – Add to Cart: $31.00

U-Socket™ 2 – Whether at home, office or when we’re traveling, we are always hunting for a wall outlet to plug our chargers or adapters into but there are never enough available outlets to charge all the devices. U-Socket is an AC receptacle with the added benefit of two built-in USB ports that can power any device that is charged via USB. Whether it’s an iPhone, gaming device, digital camera, Kindle or an iPad, U-Socket can handle it all. Designed to replace an existing 3-prong wall outlet, U-Socket eliminates the clutter of AC adapters that stick out and take up space.

Charge 2 extra devices without using AC plugs.
• 3.3A output allows you to charge more devices faster & at full rate.
• Next generation High Power USB charging technology built-in
• Eco-friendly design: save up to $20/ year and earn LEED points.
• Eliminate Vampire Power Draw
• Easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) install: no special tools or wiring required.
• Faceplate included.
• Fits most standard electrical gang boxes.
• BTO Tamper Resistant Option
• Multiple Color Options
• Critically acclaimed and award winning original invention.
• New York Times’ Top Tech Idea Of The Year.
• Made in the USA.

Simplify – Say goodbye to clutter and say hello to modern, organized living. U-Socket replaces a traditional 3-prong AC wall socket, you can eliminate the clutter of AC adapters that stick out and take up space, allowing you to keep things neat & organized while enjoying the added convenience of USB ports built right into the wall.